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Missed Call

missedcall services

Our Missed Call services ease and facilitate the communication between clients and their users at zero cost for the latter.

Missed Calls are extremely useful and swift in recording choices; gathering feedback, providing subscription opt-in/opt-out options, etc. in case of large audiences.

The service can be used across:

  • Landline
  • Mobile
  • Toll-free

Where can it be used?

The Missed Call service has a wide applicability culminating in impressive and economical communication between business and customer. It can be used to aide the following:

  • Opt-In list: Customers may give a missed call on designated numbers to opt-in for certain services, such as updates from banks, subscriptions for VAS by telecom providers etc.
  • User Registration: Callers can register themselves with organizations via missed call services.
  • Alert Subscription: Alerts from various institutions – financial, educations, private, government, etc. can be set up via users giving missed call on authorized numbers.
  • Lead generation: When users give missed calls based on their selection missed calls become a potent marketing tool as the calling numbers are recorded and an extensive database is created for the marketeers.
  • Live voting: User choice and opinion can be recorded based on the number that they choose to give missed call on.
  • Polling/Survey: Multi choice polls and surveys such as Yes or No, etc. can be carried out via Missed Calls.
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