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Missed Call Reply

missedcall replay service

When a call comes in, it automatically gets disconnected after the first ring. Once that happens, our SMS or Voice services come into play and complete the interaction loop with the caller. The services can be rendered in any of the following manners:

  • An SMS is sent to the caller as an acknowledgment of the received call
  • An SMS including a short / long URL indicating the next step to be taken by the user can be sent
  • The caller receives a voice message acknowledging the registered call

Where can it be used?

The main objective of the Missed Call Reply service is to provide the consumer with an immediate action or response from the business. When the caller immediately receives a reply from the company, they perceive it as an acknowledgment and it creates a feeling of being appreciated in the customers. This not only enhances the user experience, but can also reduce the need for human resources to engage the consumer further. The Reply can directly answer the caller’s query via a computerized system. It can be used in the following scenarios:

  • Balance Enquiry: A missed call made to the allocated number can be replied with information on customer’s available balance with the service provider or institution. It is commonly used by cellular service providers. Other than this, it is also used by organizations that run loyalty programs, e-wallet providers, financial institutions, credit card companies, and many others.
  • App Downloading: A simple missed call can be replied with instructions on how to download apps. This becomes extremely helpful for companies that want to increase app downloads and reduce the cost of maintaining their websites.
  • Chat Support: Extensively used by customer care services that provide support and maintenance services over calls.
  • Customer Rating: Once a customer has availed a service, they receive a message requesting them to give a missed call to provide their feedback. When the Missed Call is registered, customers get a call back where they rate the received services through voice or dial pad input.
missedcall reply